New info about new company that is in pre-launch Neucopia This is going to shake up the Internet marketing folks a bit..  Watch out empower network.. This blog will be updated as news comes in about “Neucopia”

All I know is these launches can make you one rich mo fo.

Where will this new co be 4 months from now will be hard to say but my vote is get in now.

Neucopia looks like the real deal


Ok so many of you are starting to have your facebook and other social media blow up with messages about this new N-word that has everyone going nuts trying to figure out what the hell is going on.. All the EN people are rubber necking over to sites just like this fine blog. What do I know about Neucopia? You know the drill you get in at the start of things and you really just rock and roll until you fire your boss and purchase new cars and buy your home.

The pre launch is when it is time to get to work.. Right now is the time to start gathering people and get them Pumped up.. If you want to be on a winning team then you found it.

My name is Rik Rollins and I will tell you one thing about situations like these.. I dont waste time I get right in and start making success happening right off the bat.. So if you want to fill in your own paychecks and get off those loans and pesky greendot pre paid cards then lets get to work.

Ask yourself this question.. What do you really want? Picture that perfect life.. What would it look like…   No debt? or plenty in the bank? travel when and where you want when you want to..    When everyday feels like the weekend.  Live like your on vacation?

Ok read on if  you want bt really its just time to get involved.. Join the adventure of 2012 and be the one that says.. Thank god I got in when I did.

Be a leader and take charge of what you really want in this crazy world.

This all starts with what you believe you can have….    Good feeling — Good things come your way More good feelings more good things come your way.. Over and over and over again..     Now it goes the same way in reverse.. Have bad feeling.. Have more bad feelings followed by more bad feelings…  See where this is all going?
Well as long as you remember that you will be fine. I look forward to helping you succeed in


See you on the other side.. This is hot as hell….

Let’s review the Basic Level first-

The Basic Membership level compensation plan allows you to come into Neucopia and start creating monthly revenue very quickly.  All you have to start making monthly residual income is get your first two BASIC sales and you are now qualified to receive monthly residual income on all future Basic sales.

Now, from your 3rd basic sale on you will be making $25 per sale AND $25 Monthly from that same sale. And here’s the exciting thing, just like you were required to pass up your first 2 sales to YOUR sponsor, each person from your 3rd sale on will be passing up THEIR first 2 sales to YOU. So you can see where your income can grow exponentially and very quickly. After just 2 Sales on your Pay Team your monthly membership is 100% COVERED!!

From this point… all future Basic sales now start putting $25 in up front Commissions and $25 in residual monthly payments right in your pocket. For Example:  To make an extra $750 per month all you need is 30 Basic Members in your Pay Team. And this takes us to the best part….each one of your sales… now owes you TWO sales to qualify. So you don’t have to personally find ALL of these 30 people yourself!

Now here is something else that can magnify your income tremendously…you can also refer Premier Sales while you are a Basic so you can “pre-qualify” for Premier Compensation which we’ll get into in just a minute….and it will blow your mind. So back to Basic….you can also start making $100 per Premier Sale on your 3rd sale and all future Premier sales. This $100 is only a One-Time commission… If you would like this to be paid to you each month in residual commission….we’re about to show you how!

Now here’s where it can get really exciting!!! If you are the type of person looking to create a BIG income…than you are looking for the Premier Membership Level Compensation Plan. You are about to discover how you can drastically increase you income!!

Now let’s review the Premier Level -

There are MANY benefits associated with the Premier Compensation plan which is why most members START at the Premier level. How would you like to save $50 AND make more money faster?…. you would wouldn’t you….here’s how it works-

When you become a Premier member with Neucopia you instantly have access to the Basic membership AND you are “pre-qualified” at the Basic Level compensation plan. So you don’t have to give two qualifying Basic sales! Your very first Basic Sale will pay you $25 and then $25 per month. This will allow you to start making money right away! If one of your Basic sales UPGRADES to Premier this will count as one of your two Qualifying Premier sales. Once you are qualified at the Premier level you will never give up any Basics sales again.

What’s even more exciting is that once you qualify with Two Premier sales you will then be receiving $200 per future Premier sales AND $100 PER Month in residual income!! So it has never been easier to create an extra $1,000+ per WEEK. Most compensation plans you are required to have a MASSIVE organization… a team into the hundreds and sometimes thousands to make $4,000 per month…in RESIDUAL income…. But with Neucopia all you need is 10 people in your payteam and you’re making $1,000 a month RESIDUAL… With just 50 you are earning $5,000 per MONTH! And again…. you will be getting Qualifying sales from your Premier members as they get qualified that will be added to your residual income every month. Here is an example of what is possible with the Neucopia Premier Compensation plan-

And this is the icing on the cake! The one thing that separates The Neucopia Accelerator Plus Compensation Plan from similar plans is the Revolutionary 10% Matching bonus. Most people don’t like to “pass-up” sales because they “loose” that personal Member…gaining very little if anything income wise from those “pass-ups” and so have ZERO vested interest in that person’s success even though they sponsored them!

Not anymore! With Neucopia you will earn a 10% matching bonus on all of your Personally Sponsored Premier member’s RESIDUAL income  And this 10% bonus is paid out to both Basic & Premier members, but only on Premier Monthly residual income. SO here is why this is such a game changer. If you are a Basic Member and you personally sponsor a premier member and that member goes on to make $1000 per month residual income then your 10% match would be $100.

If that member goes on to make $10,000 per month in residual income then your 10% matching bonus would be $1000!! And this bonus applies to ALL of your personal Sales…EVEN your qualifying sales….so you don’t lose….you keep gaining from all of your Personal Sponsorships!!


One of the biggest challenges to traditional 2up pay plans is that people don’t like to give away their first 2 sales to their qualified sponsor since they will never have the ability to earn on those people, nor have any financial incentive to help them build.

With NEUCOPIA, people don’t hesitate to give up the $100 or $200 commissions on their qualifying sales to their enroller, because the Matching Bonus earning potential is so HUGE, that they have the ability to earn even MORE on the back end. Plus, since enrollers will always have an incentive to help their first two people, it creates more duplication, faster momentum, and bigger growth all around.

It’s no surprise NEUCOPIA is one of the FASTEST GROWING COMPANIES in the Industry!


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